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Do You Know the Mouse Who Started It All?

“It all started with a mouse” – Walt Disney

Disney fans often hear the quote “It all started with a mouse” because it explains how the Disney empire started. The creation of Mickey Mouse led to many core memories for Disney fans everywhere.

Mickey Mouse is a key part of Disney’s history.

Test your knowledge on the history of Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse Trivia

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What year did Mickey Mouse first appear in his debut film "Steamboat Willie"?

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Who was the original voice for Mickey Mouse?

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In which animated feature film did Mickey Mouse officially star alongside other Disney characters for the first time?

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What was the name of Mickey Mouse's first color cartoon?

5 / 10

What was Mickey Mouse's name originally going to be?

6 / 10

What were Mickey Mouse's first ever words?

7 / 10

What is Mickey Mouse's sister's name?

8 / 10

What was the name of the first Mickey Mouse television show, which aired in the 1950s?

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In which cartoon did Mickey Mouse's iconic red shorts first make an appearance?

10 / 10

In what year did Mickey Mouse make his first comic strip appearance?

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