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About Us

Hello! I am Abby Schmidt, the creator of Disney Worlds Collide.  Here is a little more about me, and the website as a whole: 

A Little About Me

I am a high school student who has a slight obsession with all things Disney. Aside from Disney, I also love computer programming and building websites. I have built this website from scratch, fueled by my love for Disney. 

I have grown up around Disney my entire life. My first trip to the Disney parks was when I was two years old, and have been back many times over the last 16 years. Now, I have visited 3/6 theme parks, with a goal to visit them all! 

Growing up, I mainly visited Disney World, with some trips to Disneyland California sprinkled in (and a couple of Adventures by Disney and Disney cruise line trips).

From knowing the scripts for the rides like the back of my hand to running around right before the parks close, I have many lifetime memories tied to the parks.

Having visited the Disney parks more times than I can count, I have gathered random Disney knowledge. This knowledge ranges from the parks, movies, and even history. 

With all of the Disney knowledge that is stuck in my brain, I got the idea for creating Disney Worlds Collide! 

Disney Worlds Collide

Disney Worlds Collide is meant to be a place for any and all Disney fans to test their knowledge of anything Disney. There are different categories for every Disney fan.

Each of our articles is ranked on level of difficulty, so there is something for everyone!

Parks and Experiences

Either if you’ve only visited the Disney parks once in your life, or have gone more times than you can count, this category is for you! From the Disney parks around the world to other experiences Disney offers like the Disney cruise line and Adventures by Disney, there are quizzes for all of these experiences.


From Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and even the Disney princesses, you can find trivia here! Some of the quizzes are lesser-known facts about the movies, while some test your knowledge on more general information.

Walt Disney and History

Do you enjoy history (or visiting places like One Man’s Dream in Hollywood Studios when visiting the park)? This category is for the people who know a lot about Walt Disney and overall Disney history.

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