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Where in the World (Showcase) is it?

EPCOT World Showcase

When you frequently visit Walt Disney World, you start to get to the point of knowing the parks like the back of your hand. If you think you know the different pavilions in EPCOT, then test your knowledge with this quiz!

In one of the four parks in Walt Disney World, you are able to design your own car and test it, travel to space, and visit countries you haven’t been to. The park where you’re able to experience all of this, and more, is Disney’s EPCOT.

In Disney’s EPCOT, you are able to travel to 11 countries in the span of an afternoon. In the afternoon, you are able to experience some of the culture of each of the 11 countries. When you are all done, you can visit Future World to either space travel or see more of the world around you.

If you think you are an experienced world traveler at Disney World, then here is a quiz to test your knowledge.

World Showcase:

The World Showcase consists of Mexico, China, Norway, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco, France, UK, and Canada. In each of the pavilions, Disney has built different ways for people to immerse themselves in the culture.

Throughout the year, there are different festivals to celebrate the season. One of the best parts of these festivals is the food! There are different spins on food from each of the countries. The festivals include Festival of the Arts, Flower and Garden Festival, Food and Wine, and lastly Festival of the Holidays.

Another way the culture of each country is shown is through different shows and experiences in the pavilions. Some of the pavilions have music, while others have shows that show the history and culture of the area.


If your favorite park in Walt Disney World is EPCOT, then this quiz is for you. This quiz will test your knowledge of the World Showcase and where certain things are found:

Where in the World (Showcase) Is It?

1 / 10

Which pavilion can you watch the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along?

2 / 10

Where is Frozen Ever After?

3 / 10

Which 2 countries is the International Gateway between?

4 / 10

In which country can you dine with the princesses?

5 / 10

If you plan on visiting Figment at Journey into Imagination with Figment, which country is the closest?

6 / 10

Which country is Peter Pan's Flight in?

7 / 10

Which one of these is NOT a pavilion in EPCOT?

8 / 10

Where can you find the "Voices of Liberty"?

9 / 10

Which one of these IS a pavilion in EPCOT?

10 / 10

Where can you ride Mission Space?

Your score is

The average score is 87%


How did you do? Let us know your score in the comments below.

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